School Age and Camps 

First Grade to 13 Years old

Our school age program is unique. We offer students a quiet and relaxing space for student to work remotely on their schoolwork. Our School Age Coordinator helps students when needed for tasks like, signing in, reminders of class time and to help with simple questions a student may have on classwork. Due to students at all different levels, students should have an understanding of how to use their computer and should know their schedules and passwords.  

-Specials (art, computers, gym, library, music)

-Free Time

- Zoom/ Google meeting

- Internet access 

- Social and emotional support through playing, arts, music, and outside adventures

-Scheduled learning

- Teacher communication with public school staff

- Morning group meeting

- Group games

- Outside Adventures 

- Fun weekly themes and projects

- Messy and fun science

- Creative arts and learning

Summer and Vacation Camp


Our summer and vacation camps are full of adventures. During the summers, we offer a lot of hands-on learning that is messy and exciting. We offer new weekly themes to keep our students busy. Field trips are had (if there are enough volunteers). Students spend time outside exploring and have access to sports and water play. We have the students help in planning their weeks by having them pick activities they want to explore and try. 

Parents can pick from 2, 3, or 5 days for vacation/ summer camp. 

Parents are able to pick from all weeks in the summer to attending week by week based on themes.