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Welcome to our Infant classroom. Our infant classroom is a calming and relaxing area where our youngest of minds can grow and develop. Our teachers use the schedule you would like for your baby. Our teachers are loving and caring and always are there to answer any questions you may have. 

Our Infant Classroom is for those new walkers and super-fast crawlers. This space is sunny and open and allows for your little love to move about and work those gross motor skills.

We work with infants on:

- Social-emotional development

- Fine and gross motor skills

- Sensory play

- Reading and Literacy

- Self-help skills

- Cognitive development

- Communication

- Plus, so much more...

Our infants receive:

- Love and attention 

- Personalized curriculum

- Feeding and naps on their schedule  

- Monthly curriculum, for optimized learning

- Large areas to move and develop

- Daily information forms, photos, and communication via Brightwheel

- We offer so much more... call today! 

Crawling to Walking

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