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           Kristen                          CFO  and Director of                        Infants, Waddlers, Young toddlers 

Kristen is a long time Merrimack resident with 2 daughters. Kristen has a background in business sales and business management


COO and Director of
Older toddlers, PreSchool
         State billing, Special education                 

Kristina is an outgoing mom of son, Jaxon. Kristina has her BA in Psychology. Kristina has a background in ABA therapy and special education.   

Nursery Team

Miss. Ryan
Miss. Hannah


Waddler Team

Infant Team

Miss. Cat
Miss. Tina

Miss. Lexi
Miss. Alivia


Young Toddler Team

Miss. Katie
Miss. Ariana


Older Toddler Team

Miss. Bridgette
       Miss. Sanja

PreSchool Team

Pre-K Team

Miss. Stephanie
Miss. Kerri


Miss. Miranda
Miss. Emeline


Older Ps Team
Miss. Lynn

Support Team

Mr. David 
Miss. Sammie
Miss. Meghan
Miss. Shannah


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