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3 year old's

The fun and excitement of this classroom is seen and felt in the smiles of our students. In this classroom, Pre-school work together to teach each other. Our older students work to help the younger students with skills they need help with. Our younger students work with our older students to teach them to be gentle and kind to kids younger than them.


Ratio is 1 to 8 and 2 to 16

Our Pre-School are Learning...

- Imagination play

- Handwriting

- Sight words


- Self exploration

- Cooking

- Team work 

- Reading and literacy 

- Problem solving

- We do so much more to help these young minds grow. 

Our Older students are offered:

- A chance to be themselves

- An educational environment through play

- Centers and areas of interest

- Independence 

- Encouragement to learn new things and to keep trying new adventures

- Kindergarten readiness  

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