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Jr.PK and Pre-K 

4 years to 5 years old

Our Jr. Pk and PK program is an environment full of learning and building social and emotional skills.

We prep our students for life in the public school. Students have a full curriculum while learning their ABC's and 1,2,3's they are learning social and emotional development with hands on experiences. Students' minds are challenged based on their developmental level. Teachers in this classroom use technology to help assist in the learning, such as watching a short clip on how a spaceship takes off or to dance while doing math facts. Our curriculum is full of learning from 8:30am t0 3:00pm. When students are not learning, they are free to build social and emotional skills while playing with their friends. During this age, students tend to stop napping. We do offer a 1/2 hour quiet reading where the teacher reads a chapter book to the class as they take a break and relax. Children who fall asleep can do so for 2 hours. 

Jr. PK is 1 to 8 (students who miss the K cut off)

PK Ratio is 1 to 12 (students going to K)

Our curriculum consists of:

Group Meeting




Social Studies




Creative Centers and Learning


Plus so much more... 

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