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Our Promise To You

We believe children should grow in a fun, clean and educational environment with open and honest communication. We strongly believe children should learn through purposeful play and with a strong foundation in social and emotional development.


Our center believes in the teachings of the mind, body, and soul of the child.


     We teach the mind with age-appropriate educational activities and purposeful play to challenge the child's young curiosity and ever growing brain... which is much like a sponge. We challenge the mind with hands on learning. From turning Lego's into letters, to see a chair as a spaceship off to the moon, or to learn to write our names we get them ready and to love a life of learning in the public school system. 

      The body of a child is always growing and shaping! In the short years we get to spend with a child; they learn as an infant to grasp a finger to learning to grasp a crayon as a toddler, then pencil as a preschooler. We work on the fine motor, gross motor and the self-worth of a child with building positive self-image and being kind to friends. 

    The soul of a child is so pure, and open to love, learning, and of kindness, friendship, and tolerance. We believe in teaching children respect for themselves, their friends, and their teachers. Respect for growing as a group with support and encouragement from friends. Failure is a lesson! Failure is a new chance to try again! We teach and support love comes in every, shape, color, size, and gender. 


We believe that we are an extension of your family and treat your child as we would treat our own. Children and families are respected, cared for, and listened to. We promise that we will keep open lines of communication. We promise that no question will go unanswered and no matter will be too small. We promise to respond to all families promptly and with respect!

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